A significant caravan stop for centuries, Taba is on the Road of Nuweiba and lies at the meeting point of Jordan, Israel, and Saudi Arabia. The city was once home to a Phoenician port and was later occupied by Crusaders.

In recent times, Taba has taken advantage of its central location to attract travelers. Visitors vary from those who are just passing through on business to ones who seek a less crowded destination for water sports and relaxation on the beach.

Offering first class accommodations, Taba is renowned for its scenic bays, lagoons, and azure coastline. One of the main attractions is awe-inspiring Pharaoh’s Island, which boasts the preserved remains of a fortress once occupied by Sultan Salah El-Din. But like many coastal cities in Egypt, scuba diving and snorkeling remain the first order of the day in Taba. Many fascinating and colorful reefs lay just off of Pharaoh’s Island, and underwater canyons of various depths off the coast allow the adventurous to experience a myriad of sea life. Of course, the local dive shops will undoubtedly direct visitors to explore the rare black-coral reefs.

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